School dog makes history by getting her own yearbook photo

When photo day showed up at Houston School, students and teachers eagerly put on their best clothes and smiled for the camera.

One member of the Houston society was especially excited for her picture — Ruth, the dog, who would soon be the school’s first dog to have a photo in the graduation photo.

When the school photo arrived, it was obvious that Ruth had pinned it. Ruth is specially prepared to help kids in schools, care facilities, courts, and other societies with physical, social, and needs and feelings.

When Ruth is not at school, she lives with math teacher.

«Ruth can quiet down unhappy students, she can make anybody in the doorway smile who notices her, and she offers a fast restart that might be essentially what they require in that moment.»

«Today’s children require a little additional attention and assistance — and we’ve discovered that asset in Ruth!»

When Ruth isn’t at college, she likes to go for strolls, practice her tricks, cuddle with her cat sibs, and go for runs around thr village.

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