Senior shelter cat has finally found a friend who will look after him

Hef was already an elderly cat rescued recemtly, but his best days were yet to come.

Hef would soon learn what it was like to obtain care from someone who loved him, in addition to receiving the necessary medical care to relieve his pain.

«He just wished everybody to love on him,» Wilson said. «So I took him home and began adoring him.»

«I was fluffing on his face and nose,» Wilson explained. «He was just taking it all in.» «When I stopped touching him, he bit me,» Wilson explained.

«That’s when I noticed he didn’t get any teeth.» Wilson quickly realized Hef was also dealing with diabetes, which he was identified with shortly after arriving at shelter.

Hef was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to receive the care he required. His skin improved dramatically.

And, while she had planned to help Hef in finding a loving permanent home once he was good again, Wilson quickly realized that he had already discovered one in her.

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