Shelter creates a photo collection with adorable ‘Two-Headed Cat’ 

Despite the fact that they have shared a special unite all day long, Creta and Onie arrived at the Animal Shelter with their mother and other siblings.

The two were inseparable and were together every moment at the shelter, to the point where the staff who took care of them sometimes found it a little confusing.

«They spent a lot of time being as close to one another as possible, it was sometimes difficult to tell where one started and the second ended.

«Because Sour Creta and Onie were so adorable, the staff couldn’t help but take a picture of them while they were lounging together one day.

When they shared the photo in the internet, they referred to the pair as «two-headed kittens,» and everyone who saw it fell in love with the adorable duo.

The workers at the shelter did not think that the photo would turn to popular, and there was a lot of debate about whether the adorable animals were 2 separate kittens or a 2-headed cat.

A man recently adopted the pai and immediately fell in love with them. Together, Creta and Onie now have the best home.

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