Tammy Slaton, star of 1000Lb Sisters, has received support from fans following the release of a new Christmas TikTok video

Tamy Slaton overjoyed fans with a new TiikTok clip in which she made the most out of her Holidays.

At the end of 20 22, the 1000Lb Sister star used to have a lot to praise after marrying Caleb Wilingham in a limited wedding at a meal rehabilitation facility in Nov.

When the TLC storyline comes back for fourth season in Jan, fans will be given a front-row position to their ritual.

The 35-year-old was applauded on TikTok after posting a long overdue peek of her celebrations, dancing and singing Where Are You, Christmas?

‘I know it’s past Christmas, but I assumed this was humorous,’ she titled the post.Supporters were captivated by Tammy’s change and flooded the comments section with plaudits.

‘Tamy, you’re looking fantastic!’ said one folower. ‘You look fantastic. ‘It’s Wonderful In Seeing You Joyful,’ one said.

‘You look so healthy and hapy. I hope you had a wonderful Xmas,’ one person wrote.

‘You’re looking wonderful Tamy,’ said one TikTok user. ‘I wish you a wonderful holiday.’ ‘Merry Xmas Tamy!!’ said one fan. ‘I’m glad to see that you’re doing well.’

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