The animal, gradually but steadily becoming the most amusing creature

The name of the species «languid» is the most ideal way to show the propensities and lifestyle of this animal. Nature has supplied the sloth with 18 constantly developing teeth.

The state of all teeth is something very similar. All physiological cycles in the body of a languid individual happen at an exceptionally sluggish speed.

Animal requires 6 to 8 breaths each moment. The absorption cycle happens in about the same manner as in ruminants.

The sloth can turn his head to the left and right 180°. This versatility is guaranteed by the adaptable design of the cervical spine.

The sloth invests practically all the energy in his standard position: balancing his back from a flat branch, sticking to it with every one of the four legs. A persuaded vegan, the sloth benefits from the leaves, youthful shoots and products of certain plants.

Apathetic individuals are quiet creatures and just at times converse with their friends and family with high pitched whistles.

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