The boy who survived: a man displays images of a pitbull with a Harry Potter scar

A client showed photographs of a canine on the web. It appears to be that this canine is definitely not a conventional canine.

Thus, Bonadia distributed photographs of a pitbull terrier that became a web sensation on the net.

The truth of the matter is that the canine has a lightning-formed scar on the left half of his temple — in a similar spot and shape as Harry Potter.

To make the similarity much more self-evident, the man added glasses and a Gryffindor bind to the photograph proofreader. Pitbull with a Harry Potter scar.

This pitbull showed up from a safe house at the veterinary center where Bonadia works subsequent to being run over by a vehicle. Luckily, the canine is getting along nicely and his story getting popular dat by day everywhere.

‘I considered Harry Potter before I even saw the legend; The most. Adorable. Alchemist. On the planet; He’s a decent kid, a survivor; When will he go to Hogwarts? — When the primary Labrador sends him a letter.

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