The cow turner: an internet «joke» that is actually a very useful machine

Do you like milkshakes? Did you had at least some idea that to make this delightful beverage, milk is beaten straightforwardly from the cow! I’m joking, obviously.

The cows went topsy turvy for a milkshake, only for images on the web. However at that point why bother with this odd torment machine? The target of flipping is inconsequentially basic: to do a wide range of veterinary measurements.

Yes, progress has reached country aib ologists, improving on their functioning circumstances and expanding the future of creatures.

Therefore current specialized ponders, for example, water powered lifting and turning tables are a genuine break for proprietors of homesteads.

These, obviously, are costly — around 400,000 rubles. Yet, as far as usefulness, many legitimize each penny.

The wellbeing of the casing and the simplicity of situating make veterinary techniques a lot simpler and more limited, whether it is the size of the hooves, iron stamping or some other activity.

It additionally disposes of the gamble of security for the creature or veterinarian. The cows are sound and the veterinarians are alive, as is commonly said.

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