The dog who lived in the trash refused to leave the only place he feels safe

Animal Control officers in Kentucky received a call last month about a dog in need of assistance.

They discovered that the small fellow had found refuge inside a tipped-over rubbish container. Clearly, relying on the fact that no one cared enough to take him in, the rubbish bin had become his home.

The dog appeared to have developed a favorable relationship with garbage, but heroes were well aware that he was, in fact, a fortune in his own right.

On time, heroes had the option of coaxing Oscar, the canine, into a better life. Oscar continued to demonstrate an extraordinary interest in garbage once he joined the overseers’ group.

Oscar’s heroes decided to surprise him with a meet and greet with neighboring sterilization employees.

Obviously, the most important thing for Oscar is to be welcomed into a happy home with people that care about him. He’s also getting some help with that aspect.

He’s now in the care of the Lexington Humane Society, where volunteers can learn more about his background.

Oscar’s future has never looked brighter than it does now. All he really wants right now is a family who will love him forever.

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