The driver noticed a carrier off to the left of the road. He was surprised to discover a lovely animal inside

Coan the service dog has been represented to the public as a bravely pro government fighter who has participated in dozens of special operations and multiple deployments in Syria and other countries.

Coan searches for drugs, assists with self — concept . self therapy, and aids in rescue operations — he is a true hero who was invited to the White House awards ceremony, where governments honored him for his dedicated service to his country.

Of course, many Americans decided to get a shepherd dog after seeing such an advert. However, as the press reported about Coan, it soon became apparent that not all shepherd dogs turned out to be miracle dogs.

James noticed a dog basket on the side of the road. He came to a stop and approached the car to see who was inside.

A large dog, a black German shepherd, was in the carrier. The dog refused to leave his temporary home when James opened the door.

He was amazed to see how well the young dog looked. James took the found child and began searching for his owners.

The dog’s owners never responded; care center took care of dog and did everything to find a forever home fro him.

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