The facts of a Japanese island: 100 humans and 400 cats

This is where the heaven for felines and admirers of these creatures is found. The island of Tashiro in Miyagi Prefecture in Japan is home to around 400 felines.

Simultaneously, the quantity of individuals here is something like 100 individuals, while beforehand there were around 1,000.

One of the safe-havens was based on Tashiro, when anglers inadvertently hit a feline while getting stones with which they tied fishing nets.

She was gotten with distinction. The safe-haven, worked in his memory, is constantly visited by local people and vacationers.

Ostrovites accept that felines carry prosperity and abundance to homes and families. What’s more, anglers accept that these creatures can foresee time and a decent catch.

This isn’t is business as usual, youngsters go looking for a superior life and possibilities. Just the old ones remain.

The press and the Internet have turned into a «window on the world» for the island to be known external Japan. Rules for visiting the island:

Many vacationers who love and regard felines rush to this agreeable «feline sanctuary» from around the world. To turn into a visitor on the island, it is important to regard the required guidelines laid out for all bipeds.

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