The family renames the bookstore after their dog and appoints her to the position of manager

Stacy and her family contemplated the coordinated factors of running a book shop when they at first examined the thought.

She additionally realized the family canine, Ruby, would go with her.

Other than the way that Ruby means the world to her family, however then again she’s the most friendly, best canine who loves everyone she meets, so they realized a book shop where people could come in to say hello reliably would altogether connect with her.

In a huge load of ways, the store would be hers — and that is the manner in which Ruby’s Books was considered.

As of now, Ruby is the co-owner, chief and official greeter of Ruby’s Books, and she treats her work extraordinarily in a genuine manner.

The store has recently been open for around eighteen months, and at this moment Ruby and her book shop have transformed into a basic piece of the neighborhood.

Ruby absolutely reveres having her own book shop, and her family loves that they as of now have a technique for sharing Ruby and each and every piece of her bliss with the neighborhood.

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