The fashionable cockapoo now has more clothes than her owner

Nicole has been dressing her dog in fashionable attire since she was three months old, and confesses she now has more clothes than she does.

Eight-month-old little dog Lexy is the pleased proprietor of 16 unique jumpers.

Truth be told, Lexy is such an up-to-date little guy that brands even send her pieces for nothing — and Nicole has devoted her extra room to her doggy’s outfits.

Nicole even acknowledges that Lexy’s costumes take up a lot more of her time and energy than her own.

Lexy’s collection includes pieces by well-known brands such as Dior and Gucci, and her ensembles are frequently color coordinated with matching accessories.

People are always so impressed and think she looks amazing.

She has a great deal of pink. Yet, occasionally they change everything around — she has a green jumper and a matching bow that she wears.

Lexy likewise has ordinary outings to the custodians to guarantee she’s continuously putting her best self forward.

However, Nicole says she doesn’t get carried away with this.

She really wants brushing double a day, which can be very much a task, and at times she would rather not stand by for it.

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