The lion man remains by his sick wife’s side till the end

Leon and Mueca have been friends for almost their entire lives. Animal center rescued the lions and their children from a circus.

They were shortly divided throughout their recovery, but they were very seldom apart after that. Mueca became ill unexpectedly in October, and Leon became even more defensive of her than he was already.

«Leon has always kept an eye on Mueca, but when she fell ill, he clearly realized what was happening,» Dairy explained.

«He could be seen inspiring her to eat her meals and appearing to pleasure her.» Leon kept an eye on Mueca while she was sick and perhaps even cuddled her to assist in any way.

It was evident how much the duo loved each other in those moments, a lovely example of how animals represent their love.

«On multiple occasions, we have witnessed the togetherness of lion companions and the bonds they share,» Dairy said.

Leon’s rescuers have been monitoring him closely as he weeps the loss of his beloved Mueca. To help him cope, he’s been getting a lot of additional attention.

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