The man found a bonded dog of an unknown breed, moved out, and turned it into a lovely husky

Prieto was going to walk around the town one day when he came across a very thin dog trying to cling to a tree and couldn’t stand.

He reached the dog and attempted to feed him, however the dog ate poorly and was tired.

Prieto started openly caring for the dog: he advised a veterinarian to determine which medicines to offer the dog to restore health, and then got treatment on his own.

The dog slowly began to eat and put on weight.Prieto closely showered the dog from the start, recovering all the wounds that had founded all over the skin.

The pet’s appetite has been returned, and the dog has started to change and become more beautiful in front of our eyes.

Then Prieto noticed that it is not an easy dog, but a husky breed that is pretty uncommon on the Bali island.

Prieto fell madly in love with his new dog, who grew into a dedicated companion to Prieto. Dog has beautiful eyes, a sweet personality, and a forceful will to live.

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