The owner of two dogs spent around $19,000 in their clothes

American Sheila Odden, 46, has purchased in excess of 600 garments for her Yorkshire Terriers. Altogether, the lady spent about $19,000 on the rich closet of Sammy, five years of age, and Maddie, four years of age.

«These canines are my little ones,» says Sheila. They have their own changing area and room, however they never rest there since they lay down with me.

«I convey them wherever with me. On the off chance that we go to an occasion and I realize there will be a photograph shoot, it is absolutely impossible that I let them wear exactly the same thing two times.»

«I don’t wear them when they are at home, except if it’s a virus winter day,» Sheila proceeds.

«Yet, when I take out their garments, they are right away blissful and begin moving their tails.

Their conduct changes totally, as though they realized we were heading off to some place and they planned to foment around them. «says Sheila.

Trendy canines are frequently at the focal point of consideration when spotted by outsiders. Sheila says that passers-by frequently search in the carriage and afterward view at maybe she were insane.

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