The «partner» is saved by the dog with a big heart

For 12 years, the dog Keith served successfully in the police of the city of Braintree, near Boston.

Keith met his mentor in the police when he was a little puppy and together, they took all the training.

Keith helped his «partner» to find lost elderly people.

On Friday evening in Braintree, the emergency call for domestic rang.

Two officers and a dog handler with a dog went to the rescue. To save his mentor, the dog jumped on him and was shot for a police officer.

The whale was taken out of the forest, wrapped in an American flag, all the officers greeted her.

Two police officers and the suspect were taken to a local hospital. The police were rescued, but dog did not survive.

«We will miss you forever and we will always remember the good times we shared with you, buddy. You went out like a lion, protecting your father and his partners, «writes the police officer in memory of the dog on his Facebook page.

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