The puppy picture that went viral on social media included a pink-tinted coat and blue eyes

Have you at any point seen a coat touched with pink and blue eyes? We welcome you to peruse the photograph of a pug that dazzled virtual entertainment.

This as a result of its surprising appearance.

Milkshake is not quite the same as different pugs since it has a coat with a pink color and sparkly blue eyes. Maria De Dozsa saw the canine at 6 years old weeks and really wanted to deal with it.

«I took her in my arms and she licked my nose. From that second on, I realize that we were made for one another, «recollects Maria De Dozsa.

Its proprietor made an Instagram page for the four-legged canine, since Milkshake adored consideration.

The page has in excess of 110,000 adherents. The canine is perceived during strolls with his proprietor and furthermore takes part in different occasions.

Milkshake tone is connected with leukemia, a hereditary transformation that makes the hair become white and the skin underneath to become pink. It is because of an absence of nocytic mela cells.

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