The reasons for a Goose’s belief that he is a dog and how he behaves

Toby is an Australian goose. Following its relinquishment as an egg, it was incubated by a chicken.

The bewildered goose accepts he is a canine and seems to like it.

Toby appears to go above and beyond what is expected of a geese as a security dog. He adores barking at his best friend, a dog named Willi, and always receives a squawk in return.

Toby’s mom caught a video of the two amigos having a wonderful conversation behind the scenes of the film, while another canine named Betty looks on, somewhat puzzled.

Toby comes from a tremendous and different family and lives with a zoo of creatures.

Willi and Toby’s fellowship is so excellent, and it’s so charming to see them share their peculiar discussions. Mother Goose is as yet confused by the fellowship between these two, yet she appreciates seeing them communicate.

They can caution your group of any risk in light of the fact that to their shrill screech. They are very defensive creatures, which turns out to be much more so during mating and bring forth season.

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