The rescue pup’s joyful reaction to touching grass for the first time

A lot of of dogs have been rescued from the shelter in Virginia but the center was closed.

This adorable dog Sama is one of the dogs that have been getting a new start. She has been transfered to another shelter.

She, like all of the rescued dogs, had been denied the most fundamental pleasures of being a puppy her entire life. However, everything is not the same now.

As a foster dog, Shrader and her family volunteered to welcome Sama into their home.

Sama, on the other hand, quickly found the grassy backyard. For the first time in her life, she could feel the grass. She had been missing out on so much happiness in the breeding facility. She now has everything.

Sama has transformed from a sad, shy creature into a happy, playful puppy in just a few days. Shrader has thoroughly enjoyed watching her foster dog grow up.

«It warms my heart to know she enjoys her freedom and feels our love,» the owner says.

«She brings us so much happiness and has my family’s love!»

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