The same kind little shrimp cleans the diver’s teeth every week

John made an odd buddy while diving along a coral off the coast of Hawaii.

There, settled securely in the alcove of a stone was a brilliant shrimp — a Pacific cleaner shrimp, to be explicit.

This specific shrimp, notwithstanding, was. To say the least. Eliminating his breathing device, John opened his mouth — and the little shrimp swam right in.

Mind boggling as it was, this wouldn’t be a one-time thing.

Over the course of the long stretches of time that followed, at whatever point John would go jumping close to that spot, he’d drop in for a cleaning from a similar accommodating minimal dental hygienist.

He’d once in a while carry allies to have their teeth cleaned up, as well.

«We dove there about more than once per week,» John said. «It’s most certainly amusing to stop there for the teeth cleaning, particularly with companions who had never seen it.»

«I think successive visits to your nearby cleaner shrimp are an astounding method for keeping up with your dental cleanliness,» he said.

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