The shark made friends with a diver and cuddles with him whenever they meet

Meet Rick Anderson. An expert jumper from Australia got to know a bull shark and guarantees that each time she plunges, she swims dependent upon him and moves with embraces.

Rick says that the shark swims up and requests to play a long time back, when she was as yet a tiny offspring not surpassing 15 cm in size.

Over the long run, the shark started to get connected to the young fellow and cherished it particularly when he shook it in his arms and murmured something through the controller.

Rick has been plunging for around 20 years, and furthermore educates at a jumping school. He said that even after a season, the shark actually remembers him and rapidly swims up to nestle and swing in his arms.

The man says that he doesn’t take care of his pet and the other sharks either, yet he loves to play with them and for the most part deals with them like pets.

He guarantees that individuals who accept that sharks are without knowledge are incredibly off-base, as well as theories about their outrageous forcefulness and want to eat an individual.

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