The small dog sat alone at the bus station. There was a remark next to it. What was stated in it torn my heart apart

Being alone during your old age is undoubtedly the worst possible thing that could happen to oneself. However, it is all too frequent theses days.

This story is a fantastic verification of this. He was a small dog who sat in one spot and stared around with his face.

To keep his legs warm, he wore a necklace, a leash, and even a carpet. We can indeed tell by his sad eyes that the animal need something.

Many people were moved by this touching photograph. It turned out that the dog had a letter, the message of which quickly made it clear what was going on.»Shuna is excellent. She eats everything except soup.

This text was most likely written by Shuna’s owner, an elderly woman. Most likely, the elderly woman didn’t have any other choices for her dog and took the decision out of desperation.

She’s doing quite well, and she’s in safe hands, but what about her retired mistress? The dog was merely assisting the elderly lady in ability to cope.

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