The tigress turned to the huntsman and ‘asked’ him to save her child

Iva worked in the ranger service of the Khabarovsk Territory. In his long life, he ended up seeing a lot of creatures. Yet, on one occasion he was fortunate to see an uncommon tiger.

The huntsman then carried on with work in his little homestead and out of nowhere, right close to him, he saw a tigress.

In any case, the tigress moved toward him delicately and quietly. And afterward the huntsman saw that she was injured.

The tigress looked intently into the eyes of the huntsman, as though asking to help and safeguard and abruptly vanished. Afterward, she returned, yet all the same not the only one.

The tiger whelp was exceptionally minuscule and must be dealt with, and when he grew up, the huntsman would have been delivered to his local taiga, and keeping in mind that the child grew up very much like a homegrown feline.

He was companions with felines and canines, and the huntsman fell head over heels for the wild creature, giving him the epithet Amur.

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