The woman takes a closer look to see what is on the roadside

Gen noticed something left on the court as she ran to the park to pick up her son from sports activities.

Although there was something white beside the ball, which was unusual. Gen presumed it was just a toy that had been left alone.

Since she got closer, Gen realized the abandoned cute animal was a tiny white puppy, and she couldn’t believe it.

«This puppy began to look like a teddy bear resting on the side of the road. «He’s so tiny and afraid and cold,» Gen wrote on Instagram.

«I took him and didn’t think twice about taking him home!» she added. Gen provided more than enough food and water for the puppy.

She began treating him with medicine, as suggested by her veterinarian. The dog managed to improve quickly.

«He’s doing fantastic,» Goodin said. «He’s in a good mood.» Gen is unsure of the puppy’s future.

Even as she would like to keep him, she may not be able to do so because her family now has 3 dogs.

Despite, Gen is grateful that she spotted the puppy that day and was able to assist him in getting back on his feet.

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