The world’s largest cats, Mainecoons, have a mystical beauty

For quite a long while at this point, Rоbert Sijkа, has acquainted the world with Maine Coons, the biggest felines among tamed breeds.

Rich fur and an oddly great look provide these felines with the presence of genuine smaller than usual lions.

Robert and his better half have forever been infatuated with the grand Mаine Coon felines, and quite a while back, they started raising these felines and afterward laying out a cattery.

After the introduction of the first сhatons, the couple chose to show them to the entire world.

As Robert concedes, the most widely recognized question he was asked is how to guarantee that felines sit unobtrusively during the photograph shoot?

His response is dependably something similar — it’s unthinkable. «Felines are not canines, you can’t simply get them and advise them to stop,» makes sense of the photographic artist.

That is the reason I think working with felines is considerably more troublesome. At the point when I am posed such inquiries, I generally answer that it is in a word — practice and persistence.

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