This is a fantastic story that you should be aware of. A wild monkey held a puppy hostage for three days

Last Mondat, the snatched Guru, a fourteen-day, a high contrast canine, and carried him to the highest point of a power pole.

Inhabitants ultimately assembled under the post to evaluate what is going on. The pup looked drained and tired however the monkey didn’t appear to hurt it.

‘The monkey was simply holding the doggy while it moved around. In any case, we actually expected to save the unfortunate canine.

Cherry and her neighbors endeavored to save Guru multiple times, however the monkey fended running off onto power lines and into trees while holding the little dog.

However, it continued to get back to the highest point of the power post for food.

A neighborhood brought Guru back home to take care of her and really look at her for wounds, yet she was viewed as well.

It is thought the little dog was grabbed from a litter of a lost canine in the area, so Guru has now been taken on and is settling great into her new home.

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