This kitten has an identity issue since being saved by the a group of huskies

A little, lonely kitty was abandoned on the streets of the southern bay area of California when she was just a few weeks old, left to fend for herself.

The lost kitten developed a great bond with one of their beautiful Siberian huskies, Lilo, when a trio of sisters discovered and rescued the kitty and welcomed it into their house alongside their other fuzzy animals.

Much to anyone’s dismay that soon this miserable, battling kitty would grow up to be a gutsy canine, yet with an extremely particular way of behaving.

A new kind of warmth planned to arrive at the sweet, deserted cat at only half a month old, and her karma in life was going to change.

Thoa Bui was a Californian who was much more than a pet owner. Over the years, she had rescued animals and had grown to love them more and more each day.

Thoa wasted no time in welcoming the lost kitten into her house after she and her sisters Thi and Tram discovered her.

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