Tiny snake discovers the ideal location for «body armour» practice

Archaeologist Corey was conducting an ancient historical aerial surveillance survey in Ohio.

He and his colleagues were leaving for the day when one of them came to a stop and responded by pointing out a tiny snake slithering away.

The man had clearly seen the group before they saw him and was looking for a secure place to hide.

Corey enjoys taking pictures to show his 2 sons when he travels for work, so he did his best to follow little snake and capture a photo of him.

Briefly after he took the shot, the snake discovered a more suitable hiding spot somewhere else and vanished. He put his phone away and didn’t give it much thought.

Corey looked at the photo once more after work and discovered he couldn’t find the snake immediately.

He later found him, but he thought it was amusing that even he, didn’t notice the snake at first.

He decided to share the photo online to see if other people had trouble finding him as well, and they did.

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