To flee Ukraine, a woman drives for four days with 20 dogs stuffed inside her car

20 French bulldogs have been shot inside a vehicle as their proprietor escaped shelling close to her home on the edges of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Lady even returned after this to the area to save one more 30 unprotected creatures that went on in the center of the besieging.

The lady before long understood that she would need to save kids from the startling and she chose to flee from her home and go to Poland.

The creature darling says she will keep on safeguarding different canines needing her assistance.

In any event, setting up help bunches in adjoining nations to guarantee protected canines track down protected, long haul homes.

Olena and her significant other are presently in Vinnitsa, in focal Ukraine, with the leftover canines they figured out how to escape their old neighborhood.

Yet say they need cash for food, medication and fuel to proceed and make it across the boundary.

«I’m with canines in Ukraine. We want assets for medication for canines and fuel for the vehicle to forge ahead with our way. I want to make a few additional excursions.

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