To support his autistic grandson sleep, Grandfather sends him videos of himself singing

A grandfather records himself singing and directs the clips to his autistic grandchild to assist him in sleeping.

Georg Ker, 86, is a granddad of one who lives in Flintshire, Scotland, at Elderlie Care Home.

As a consequence, he rarely sees his 14-year-old grandchild, Keiran Ker, who lives 340 miles away in Bury st edmunds, Oxfordshire.

Keran has autism and difficulties to interact, but he has a ‘special connection’ with his granddad, with whom he speaks on Video calls on a routine basis.

On such calls, George, who is musically talented, frequently sings to Keiran, who enjoys it.So nursing facility employees documented George singing Bing Crosby’s White Xmas to submit to Keiran especially over the past month.

Andra Ker, Keiran’s mother, discloed the youngster genuinely loves the nice story and gets to watch it each evening even though listening his grandfather sing relaxe him and assists him take naps.

‘They interact through Georg’s song — for such reason, it has always really resounds with Keran, and it assist him rest.

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