Unusual black leopard captured on camera in India

Anurag Gawande is a 24-year-old natural life photographic artist from India. He has been capturing wild creatures for a considerable length of time, and as of late he got the opportunity to see a dark panther for the subsequent time, and even to make a video.

Meeting these creatures in nature is a unique case, in light of the fact that main 2,000 people of this sort live.

Indian Anurag Gawande caught this uncommon magnificence in the focal point during a safari in Tadoba Endhari Indian Wildlife Park.

In the video, a dark panther goes out and about, then, at that point, glances around and smoothly goes across the street. «We left the vehicle intentionally so we could check out at it and not alarm it.

Their strange hue is the consequence of melanism, wherein, because of a hereditary change, a dark shade creates in the skin or layer of creatures.It was only a mind blowing experience, regardless of whether I live it interestingly, «says Anurag.

There are just 2,000 dark panthers and they live primarily in Southeast Asia.

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