Volunteers spent two years searching on psychic’s island for the ‘unique rat.’

Island, claimed by mystic Uri Geller, lies off the East Lothian coast close to North Berwick.

He says the geology of the dreadful island ‘precisely reflects the format of the Great Pyramids at Giza.’

The 75-year-old even accepts there is treasure concealed some place on the island. In any case, it was the disclosure of a far more modest track down that as of late hit titles.

Seabirds can’t safeguard themselves from rodents, which can have a ‘ sway’ on rearing colonies.’It wasn’t not difficult to get it.

It is thought the rodent was either brought to Lamb Island by boat, or that it swam from the shore to the rough outcrop.

‘I’ve forever been captivated by the legend and the association between the pyramids and the islands.’

He composed: ‘It is muddled concerning whether rodents held any importance in Ancient Egypt.

There are pictures which show human rodents, yet there has all the earmarks of being no rodent god.

‘It is accepted that rodents were bugs in Egypt, annihilating harvests and assets, which is most likely why the feline is held in high blessing.’

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