Weak and hopeless shelter dog rescued minutes before saying goodbye to everyone

At first, Bear’s life was not easy. The dog was spotted walking the streets of Texas as a stray.

Bear seems to have given up. In the blink of an eye, he received the news that saved his life.

Since arriving at BARC Animal Shelter in July, the 10-year-old dog has been neglected by potential adopters on a daily basis.

The old man stopped getting out of bed, as if he had lost all hope and realized that time was running out.

There are so few opportunities for us to meet the dogs and see their behavior in the wild, like showed it Bear, which Garvis lamented.

“There is nothing negative to say about Bear. As soon as the pup was introduced he became an instant hit.

Before Bear’s stay at the shelter ended, Garvis made it his mission to find him a new home. Bear’s natural nature was able to shine outside the shelter.

An hour before his planned euthanasia, Bear found his ultimate home. A happier and more fulfilled existence awaits him now that he has been saved.

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