Welcome Red, the adorable Maine Coon kitten with cross-eyed eyes who would also melt your heart

As the cats woke up, the 27-year-old observed that they all had joined strabismus, a condition wherein the students are coordinated inwards, towards the nose.

Six of the cats moved their eyes to the middle as time elapsed and their extraocular muscles reinforced, yet the seventh didn’t.

Red is the new name for the exceptional kitty, however Rebecca says his condition doesn’t seem to irritate him.

Rebecca and her four-year-old kid Eli went through hours conveying the little felines on December 18. Nonetheless, it wasn’t long after a large portion of a month sometime later that the mum-of-one saw their eye issues.

She adds: ‘They opened their eyes at about a week-and-a-half old and all of the felines were cross-taken a gander at as the muscles have not braced enough.

‘It was exceptionally around week six or seven that we comprehended this young fellow’s eyes won’t fix, each and every other individual’s had about the fourth week.’

Red is probably going to be cross-looked at for the remainder of his life, however Rebecca underscores that regardless of being an exception, he has such a great character.

Red was even picked as the first of his litter to be embraced.

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