What happened when a domestic cat became mother for wild kittens and how it all turned out

The Far Eastern feline brought forth up to five cats, yet it just so happens, the little cats ended up without a mother and without their own milk.

At the point when zoologists found these cats, they were hungry: they called their mom and stuck to her body, yet the mother woke up.

Then, at that point, the experts chose to assume these little cats and position them in the zoo, where they got all the fundamental assistance and attempted to take care of them with a jug.

Then, zoo representatives chose to find the little cats a customary homegrown feline that could take care of them.

What’s more, they found such a feline, it ended up being a feline of a zoo specialist, who as of late likewise brought forth little cats and had a great deal of milk in it.

At the point when the wild cats were brought to the homegrown feline, they promptly became companions and the feline acknowledged these cats as his own.

The feline started to lick and take care of them with its milk.

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