What happens on an island where there are more cats than people?

It is a country of modern technology and cats. There are also widespread cafes where a guest can caress a cat around a cup of coffee. Therefore, the existence of an island where the cat population exceeds the human population is not surprising.

Where do cats come from?

There were 900 people on the island of Aoshima in the last century. Almost each of them was somehow related to fishing. Once on the island, several mice and rats appeared.

Thus, dozens of cats were brought to the island, who very quickly understood the situation. However, no one then controlled the number of cats themselves, which began to multiply rapidly.

Now they are so numerous that the island is called feline.

70 years have passed since that time. Meanwhile, the island’s population began to actively move to big cities. Today, only 20 people live on the island and there are 100 more cats.

Tourists come often. Cats — the only local attraction, but that’s enough for visitors, because there are a large number of them.

Those who have just set foot on the pier — accompanied by hordes of cats everywhere, they also let themselves be caressed and take photos.

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