What is the birthday present for the oldest gorilla in the world and how old is he?

Ozie is the most well known creature. He inhabits the Zoo and as of late praised his 61th birthday celebration. Ozzie’s 61th birthday celebration was an extraordinary day.

Zoo staff gave him a frozen cake with various foods grown from the ground. What’s more, obviously, a ton of affection.

The most established in history: The Atlanta Zoo guarantees that Ozzie is the most seasoned male gorilla ever.

It has in excess of 20 relatives in 3 ages. Some of them additionally inhabit the Atlanta Zoo, while others have gone to organizations authorize by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Ozzy got a cake: A retirement home for gorillas. Ozzy lives in an exceptional «retirement home», a climate planned explicitly for resigned gorilas.

The main animal in Ukraine: Ukrainians have their own extensive creature. The male animal called Toni lives at the Kiev Zoo.

Tony is just about 47 years of age. Throughout the colder time of year of 2021, Tony turned out to be genuinely sick in view of stomach related issues.

Luckily, the tests and recommended treatment have borne leafy foods is presently feeling better. Tony is the main gorilla in Ukraine and one of the top picks of guests to the Kiev Zoo.

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