What is the significance of Aroma, the cat’s glasses?

Aroma, a cat, is now one of the most popular pets thanks to the Internet. Aroma is a common cat with a black and white «marquise» pattern.

What drew far too many people? Aroma’s uniqueness lies in the glasses with which it frequently appears in photographs.

The cat’s owner, suggested that the cat start wearing glasses at the age of 6 months. Diana found Aroma in the woods while on her way to a church camp.

Diana chose to make the cat her business partner because it was intelligent and easy to train. Diana owns a small optics shop and has a large number of minor customers.

Working with children is more challenging than working with adults. This is the way Aroma, a regular cat, became a part of an educational project and one of the Internet’s most popular cats.

The children frequently write letters to Aroma and even write poems about it. They genuinely adore this cat, and Aroma «returns a favor.»

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