What they discovered in their vehicle made them smile

Carmen and her beau were driving home from seeing a film and had the vehicle windows down, simply relaxing.

Her sweetheart unexpectedly referenced he thought he saw something as an afterthought view reflect — and adequately sure, they find a little frog drifter hanging out.

Carmen was promptly stressed that he would tumble off or attempt to hop, so she put her hand close to him for good measure, and clearly, he accepted that as a greeting.

He joyfully bounced into her hand, so she delicately carried him into the vehicle, where she realized he would be protected.

At last, the couple got back and went to get Geoffrey out of the vehicle — however from the start, he would have rather not gone.

He was very happy with his comfortable new spot, and appeared to have been expecting to remain there somewhat longer.

When he was out of the vehicle, Carmen brought Geoffrey over to a plant she has on her patio and delicately positioned him in it.

She thought he’d like that spot the best, and she was correct. He promptly sunk into his new home like this was where he’d needed to be all along.

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