When a stray dog who couldn’t stand up gives her rescuer the biggest hug, she begins to feel better

They claim that it takes a town to raise a canine, but it took a town to save Anne.

Anne was just under 3 years old when her family discovered her in the street of their backyard on a warm summer day.

They weren’t sure how long she’d spent there, but the fact that she was so skinny told them that time was running out.

So they placed the puppy in a plastic box and contacted center for assistance. «When I received there, she was in really bad condition,» Dona said

Fortunately, the family called for assistance just in time. Anne was stick thin and covered in more lice than the professional rescuer had seen before.

That’s when Annie’s dedicated village of life-saving volunteers began to develop.Anne’s salvage story is far from over, but everyone at rescue center is proud of how far she’s come against all probability.

«We’re thankful that they notced her in their garden because she transformed out to be a really lovely animal,» they said. «We totally love her!»

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