When a woman comes back from the store, she discovers that her dog’s tongue is actually blue

Rachel Mitchell drove up to the supermarket and ran inside to get a bottle of water suddenly. She had left her dog, in the police vehicle, which had the climate control on.

She might have been gone for about 2 minutes before getting back into the car, awaiting everything to be exactly as she had left it.

After all, Leah’s tongue turned blue. Mitchell started laughing, while Leah tried to remain calm. She pretended as if nothing had modified, which added to the comedy.

«She didn’t look at me immediately when I got in the car,» Mitchell said.

«All she did was gaze out the window.» Fortunately, the secret of the blue mouth was not difficult to unravel.

Mitchell had left a colored Icee in the cup, and Leah had probably decided it was completely alright to help herself. Giving, it seems, is caring.

Although the sugar in the Icee was not dangerous to dogs, too much sugar or sugar substitute can cause serious health problems, so it’s best not to consume it.

Mitchell had a good laugh, and Leah got a tasty snack. At the end, everyone ended up winning.

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