When rescuers see a tiny puppy passing a side highway, they know exactly what to do

Sarah’s heart stopped as she drove through the roads of Guatemala, when she spotted somebody small near a bad path.

A tiny black puppy was about to run into oncoming traffic. «He was on the edge of a very public highway full of large and speeding cars, contemplating crossing when we drove by and could see him.»

«Everybody in our van could see him at the same time… We all knew when we looked at each other. I was driving and managed to pull over right away.»

Though the puppy had never achieved them before, he knew they were there to assist as soon as he saw them. «He joyfully ran over to my hands,» Giotto explained.

She looked for anyone who might be his holder but couldn’t find anyone. Meanwhile, the dog, later named Bix, was behaving admirably.

«He’s become the best tiny dog ever since,» said Giotto. «As if he realized he was secured and was thankful.»

Bix is currently living with his forever mom in La, where his cheerful, good-natured personality shines through.

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