While at the vet, the dog discovers the best way to entertain herself

Anime, unlike many other dogs, is not worried of the vet.

The friendly creature is content to wait her turn at the local veterinary clinic, particularly if it means she can watch some of her favorite animal episodes on her father’s iPhone.

Manager of Veterinary Hospital, couldn’t presume her eyes when she actually caught Anime calmly watching her favorite show.

«I’ve never seen an animal so calm at the medical center in my seven years working in this industry as a hospital manager!» Cleo informed us.

«It was incredible!» «If we ever require her to stay still,» Column said, «we show her a squirrel movie.» When she isn’t keeping an eye on the squirrels, Anime enjoys spending time with her families, especially lazing in their backyard.

Anime’s family is amazed at how much their amusing, enjoyable dog has already impacted their lives.

«Anime has been a wonderful gift!» they stated. «My wife cannot imagine life without her right now!»

The four-year-old puppy has a lot to look forward to with her supportive parents. And if the trip becomes difficult or repetitive, Anime only needs to watch an animal video to relax.

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