Why a New Year’s detox isn’t a good idea! According to Doctor Tiana Lorenzo, our bodies already have advanced detoxification systems

My suggestion to everyone who wants to give oneself a good health facelift for 2023 is simple: stop starting with a detox.

At the this time of year, advertisement for ‘purifying’ or detoxifying your body using this or that special tea, complement, or beverage diet appear.

These product lines are not only useless, but they may get the opposite effect when that comes to losing weight in specific.

I do not wish to discourage anybody who desires to be fresher — and I have some ideas that have proven to work.

So first, let me clarify why detoxes don’t work. Toxins enter our carcasses on a daily basis — in with us food, from contaminants, and even in the medication we take. However, we have pretty advanced detoxifying procedures in place to deal with all these.

The kidneys bears a large portion of the responsibility. It degrades toxins like drinking and meds, as well as enterotoxins and old cell debri from ‘bad’ microbes, into innocuous by-product.

The kidney function also play a role,’sieving’ out wast, which is then expelled from the body via blood.

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