Why are you a dog or a cat person, according to science? Let’s see if you agree or disagree with them

This is an inquiry you’ve most likely been posed to many time in your life, frequently by men wearing Barbour coats in their dating application pictures who frantically believe that you should say canine so they can intrigue you with their new doggy.

There’s the ‘insane feline woman’ generalization, or the ‘desolate old maid who lives with precisely 13 felines and precisely no affection’. For reasons unknown felines appear to be related with ladies and focused in a negative light.

Feline individuals, in any case, would almost certainly let you know that the explanation they love their catlike companions is that they’re tender just when they need to be, and aren’t quite as penniless or gullible as canines.

These are largely recounted stories, obviously. In any case, there’s evidently a science in why certain individuals incline toward felines or canines, as well as why they utilize that as a marker with which to distinguish themselves.

Research commonly shows that the people who characterize themselves by cherishing felines or by adoring canines have different character characteristics.

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