«Why buy a dog when I can take them from the shelter?»

Entertainer Alexe is viewed as one of the most capable in present day Russian film.

Be that as it may, notwithstanding sensational ability, he is likewise known for his extraordinary love for creatures, and his top choices among four-leggeds are canines.

The craftsman does his best to help canines in tough spots. Alexey’s family is very big։ he is taken part in bringing up three kids and five canines.

Also, he didn’t buy any of his pets. They were gotten in the city or taken from the nursery. The entertainer took his head from the asylum.

When a canine was hit by a vehicle and he endure simply because great passers-by took the creature to the safe house. Afterward, Alexei took it and fell head over heels for his entire being.

The Zina canine was likewise gotten in the city as a child. She is exceptionally joined to the family and the most agreeable among all pets.

Alexey continually underlines that individuals don’t buy canines, yet take them from asylums and he moves his youngsters with a similar idea.

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