Why does a mother elephant bring her baby to see people?

To the elephant, nothing is a higher priority than family — particularly now that she is beginning one of her own.

In 2006, the stranded elephant was seen as isolated at just 5 months old, and was protected.

She was hand-raised until she was mature enough to get back to nature.

Years have passed, however Lolu actually has a nearby bond with her human family. She gets back to the grounds of the asylum consistently to visit.

Yet, in September, Lolu surprised her previous guardians with an infant elephant calf close behind.

It was clear the pleased elephant mother couldn’t hold back to flaunt her child.

In the wild, calves are raised with the assistance of female family members inside the crowd. Lolu has played babysitter to different children prior to bringing forth Linda, and presently her calf has caretakers of her own.

Linda will stay with her mother’s group in the wild forever, and assuming that she is at any point out of luck, she currently realizes there is a protected spot she can constantly get back to.

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