Why has the animal’s room been changed?

It is heaven . Peaches, Chalah and Mitzi have a decent life. Animals have a lot of space to run and play, a father who loves them interminably — and a unique canine parlor of their own that is fancier than most normal parlors.

Mazer could have done without to let his lovable dog home be the point at which he was working.

He was stressed that they could stroll into something they shouldn’t, so he chose to transform his visitor room into their own lounge where they could hang out at whatever point he planned to leave for some time.

From the outset, the designs for the lounge room were straightforward. Small scale canapes, things of beauty, a couple of plants.

Presently the room has an aquarium, TV, chimney, books, shelves, light fixture, nightstands, pads, all in small for the solace of the three little ones Mazer canines.

As of late, Mazer enhanced the space for these special seasons, and it’s totally decked out.

The play continually changes in little ways and has turned into a steady beautiful source of both pain and joy for him — and the canines don’t care the slightest bit.

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