Why will British Airways not refund my flights despite the fact that traveling abroad was illegal at the time due to Covid rules?

My girlfriend and I have booked a trip to Palacio Mallorca with British Airways from the London City Airport in pre 2021.

Nevertheless, because it was only a vacation and fell beyond the protections enabling travel, the federal regulations avoided us from traveling overseas at the moment of the trip. As a result, we did not attend.

Once I contactted British Airway to requeest refunnd they informed me that because the planes I reserved had been running on time — one of only a few still attempting to take off — I was not obligated to a cash refund, just a voucher.

At the moment of ones trip, Federal regulations stated that users were prohibited from taking vacation abroad and might face a £5,000 fine.

I contactted Britiish Airways and requested that they clarify their policiees regarding Covid-era cash back and whether they might look in to the ones case.

However, it tends to turn out that utilizing your marks and money may have resulted in you being approved a voucher.

British Airways has been reimbursing voucheer holders with much more complicated booking, including those using Avios as payout.

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