Will it surprise you to witness a pig trained by a Labrador? Let’s explore what happened

A lady named Dora and Nuwan tracked down a case with a little pig close to home.

Besides the fact that individuals dealt with Yeju, yet additionally a Labrador canine called Bee-honey bee. This mindful bitch trained the pig to eat, walk and play, so Yeju immediately started to think of her as a mother.

«Regardless of whether today Yeju weighs about two times as much as Biu, she actually believes that the canine is her mom. Indeed, because of her canine training, Yeju is certain that she is likewise a canine. — Dora said.

What Yeju prefers most is investing energy with Biu and different canines that live with Dora. Creatures walk together, go around the house, swim in the pool and now and again even eat in a similar bowl.

«We didn’t actually need to prepare Jeju, on the grounds that canines have been doing it since she was pretty much nothing. She has consistently run with them all over the place and keeps on doing so presently.» — says Dora.

Dora and Nuwan are glad that their pets live so well disposed and support each other in all things.

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